Do you think tourists are exploring more of our hometown than us? Have you ever visited attractions close to where you’re living now? Do you know what makes your hometown special?

Oftentimes, we are so occupied with our life routines, our attention are only focused on that particular path, school, village, hypermarket and the little stall near office. When holiday comes, we just wanted to get away from that routine and go far away. So, many of us find ourselves exploring more of other places but our very own home country. Agree?

“I thought that I’ve lived here for so long, what else to see and do?”

Well, let me tell you. A LOT MORE! And sometimes, the best way to discover the new in the old is looking through the tourists’ lens.

Join me in exploring destinations around Malaysia with tourists around the World in Travel Like Tourists.

Our first hometown is Melaka UNESCO World Heritage City

Renata Pereira from Brazil

Renata Pereira and her travel partner explored Melaka recently and what I love about this couple is that they began their trip with a private tour in Malacca Museum. For FREE! Knowing about the history and inside stories of what made Melaka is Melaka today really made the difference in the way they appreciate places they visited.

She made 3 vlogs specifically for Melaka visits, watch her Part 2 and Part 3 too!

I’ve been to the Dutch Square for a gazillion times before and I never knew that we can get FREE museum tour with local history experts!

HERSHA Family from Indonesia

HERSHA Family shared budget-friendly and entertaining activities for children around Melaka. And the amazing part is that they traveled together only using public transport from Kuala Lumpur. I mean, can you do that with a little girl as part of your ‘carry on’?  Watch them explore the city with 8 activities they recommend for small families.

Aki from Japan

Aki is currently living in Malaysia for work, and while at it, he travels around the country and that includes Melaka. His video features cinematic views of the heritage town and gave me a new sight of Melaka.

His short trip to Melaka is great for those of you who are planning to just make a quick detour to Melaka.

DjemoGraphic from Switzerland

DjemoGraphic gives out a full travel guide for Melaka visit. He listed down best places (and very instagrammable) locations NOT TO BE MISSED!

I swear, he showed the vibrant part of Melaka the best way!

Travelgramers from United Kingdom

Three travelers with Portuguese background went to the Portuguese Settlement and met a local who can speak Portuguese ancient dialect! Watch their Vlog HERE.

Simone and Dominic from Austria

The couple took a bus to Melaka for a day trip. They had no plan and just went with the flow. Watch where this very chill couple spend their day in the city.

Eat like locals: Best Food in Melaka (and muslim friendly too!)

When it comes to gastronomical experience, Malaysians are champion at it! Watch this video to see a whole list of food for you to try in Melaka. And it’s not just cendol.

Now I feel like going to Melaka again. Shall we?


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