Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 2021 [THE HOTTEST AND COOLEST DIVE EXPO!]

The hottest and coolest dive expo in Malaysia is BACK! The Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) will take place from 3 – 5 December 2021.  After much postponement amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Malaysia[...]
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Travel Like Tourists : Melaka Heritage City

Do you think tourists are exploring more of our hometown than us? Have you ever visited attractions close to where you’re living now? Do you know what makes your hometown special? Oftentimes, we are so occupied with our life[...]
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Of Fresh Crab, Kedondong Juice and Rustic Village at Pulau Ketam with My Mom

It was yet another public holiday and a new adventure awaited us to explore Malaysia (with the borders closed especially!). So on the last public holiday, I planned with my parents to visit Pulau Ketam of Selangor, a place that none of us has[...]
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Mesti Cuba 11 Lokasi Outdoor Rock Climbing ini!

Aktiviti memanjat cerun/tebing batu yang juga lebih dikenali sebagai ‘rock climbing’ adalah salah satu aktiviti sukan ekstrem yang menjadi pilihan rakyat Malaysia dan pengunjung dari luar negara. Bergantung kepada[...]
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Burnt and Baked at Redang Island

A journey to my family’s ultimate happy place!   Mention Redang Island and my brain circuits go a little haywire with excitement. Mention it to my kids and you may induce upon yourself a buzzing migraine from the excited[...]
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